1957 Gibson ES-350T Natural Bigsby Vintage Gem + Case

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1957 Gibson ES-350T Natural Bigsby Vintage Gem + Case

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Lovies guitars is offering up a gorgeous and rare 1957 ES-350 in the fantastic Natural finish. Has a nice looking vintage finish. There is some really cool looking finish patina throughout the guitar. This guitar has been played on throughout the years and has some small dings and buckle rub. No major condition issues. This guitar has an awesome vibe! Makes you want to plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich guitar. They don’t make em like this anymore! Still plays great! Has original pots and pickups from what I can tell. Pots are covered with shielding. It has the orange label for the 50s Serial A25472. I think the tuners are non original. I do believe the Bigsby is original. There are 4 filled holes on the top, not sure what from. Has a little seam separation on the back of the headstock. Still a really sweet vintage guitar for a nice price. SEE many images below!! Includes Hard Case, not sure if its original. Thing smells old as dirt. Great deal on this really cool patina ES-350. Pics under pickups available upon request.

WEIGHS in at: 6.60 lbs.

By the mid- 1950’s electric guitar players had two choices: either a full hollowbody electric guitar or a compact solidbody. Gibson had been receiving requests from players for something in-between the two styles, so in 1955 the first Thinline Electrics were developed. They were the high-end Byrdland, the ES-350T, and the low-end ES-225T. The Byrdland was conceived with input from session guitarists Hank Garland and Billy Byrd. It was basically a thin-bodied L-5 with a 2 and ¼” thick body (instead of 3 and 3/8”) and a shorter scale of 23 and ½” (instead of 25 and ½”). The shorter scale was meant to make difficult new jazz chords easier to play. It also allowed room for two extra frets (22 total). The ES 350T was meant to be an affordable, less fancy version of the Byrdland with the same groundbreaking improvements and dimensions. The ES-350T adopted the cosmetic features of its full-sized predecessor the ES-350: two P-90 pickups, laminated maple top, sides, and back, rosewood fingerboard with split parallelogram inlays, and a crown headstock inlay. The stunning example shown on these pages was made in 1957, and is one of only 43 natural models made that year (the other 104 were sunburst). This guitar sports the Patent Applied For humbucking pickups that became standard equipment on the model in 1957. It is also adorned with an attractive, but non-stock Bigsby vibrato tailpiece (instead of the W-shaped original). The Gibson ES-350T is most often associated with Rock ‘n Roll founding father Chuck Berry, but it was also used over the years by Eric Clapton and Danny Gatton.14 Day Money back return policy. Buy with confidence.

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