1992 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Heritage Cherry Sunburst

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1992 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Heritage Cherry Sunburst

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Lovie’s guitars San Diego is offering up a popular favorite! Check out this 1992 Gibson Les Paul Custom solid body electric guitar in the all time favorite Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish!! This year has a nice slim neck and REAL EBONY fretboard! This guitar is in overall good condition! There are some signs of play wear throughout such as faint marks and light dings all relatively minor. The front is pretty clean with the only real noticeable mark on the top corner above the pick guard. The back has most of the signs of wear, such as buckle rub and marks from use. All in all it looks like previous owners have played it with care but used it as a daily player, possibly to shows. It was a loved instrument, not kept as a collectors piece but as a true instrument of music. As a 1992 it is nearly 25 years old, and considering that age it is still in great shape and almost has a vintage vibe though has some years left until it is official. A guitar with much an age is likely to have evidence of play, but is not always in all original condition. This one is! All original and in its original case! All in all, a great guitar at a great deal! Plays great, looks great and has that great finish and a real ebony fretboard! Hard to beat, especially at this price point! See for yourself with the many images below!! The guitar is all original and unmodified including original case!

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