2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Flametop in Vintage Sunburst

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2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Flametop in Vintage Sunburst

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Lovies guitars San Diego is offering up a gorgeous 2005 Gibson 1960 Les Paul Classic in pensive and intriguing Vintage Sunburst! This guitar has the original Gibson specs from the 1960’s, featuring that desirable thin neck of the era! This guitar is perfect for that guitarist who seeks modern perfection but also desires the old school design of this timeless guitar. This guitar is a lot better than the Classic that Gibson is currently making as it is pre-chambered, which started in 2006. This guitar is in overall great shape with the signs of wear being some light buckle rub and some light marks here and there. Been played on but still in great shape! It has a fantastic feel and look to it! The guitar sounds absolutely incredible! This guitar has an amazing feel and is quick to bond with! This thing has barely been played but cared for too. It is an absolute beauty, gorgeous color with a perfect set-up ready to play! No breaks, cracks or repairs. Zero fretware on a perfect neck! SEE many images below!! All original except strap locks. Includes original Hard case.

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