2010 Bourgeois Country Boy Adirondack Beauty Super Clean + HSC

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2010 Bourgeois Country Boy Adirondack Beauty Super Clean + HSC

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Description – 619-201-2781 is offering up a gorgeous 2010 Bourgeois Country Boy acoustic guitar in Natural Adirondack spruce and mahogany! Such a dynamic and warm tone! Really Beautiful! Let me just say; DAMN! I have not wanted to keep a guitar that has come into the shop this bad in a long time. Picked up this guitar in to test it out and just got sucked in. Just one of the most fantastic instruments I have put my hands on. This guitar has an awesome vibe! Really versatile and rich sounding guitar that really has a warm sound throughout the entire spectrum. No issues at all. Frets show slight wear but still great shape! There are some light surface marks, and one indent on the top that can barley be felt and wont show up in pics. Super clean 9.5 of 10. It is all original except added K and K pickup that sounds so good. SEE many images below!!

From Bourgeois:


Mahogany has a quick velocity of sound, relatively lightness of weight, and noticeable midrange overtone attenuation. As a result, mahogany guitars have their own sound. Warm, dry, woody, not particularly complex, but direct, lively, and famously easy to record.

Mahogany guitars are often looked at as poor cousins of rosewood guitars, but we politely disagree, dressing the Country Boy in classic appointments such as ebony fretboard and bridge, wooden rosette, tortoiseshell binding and nickel Waverly tuners. We also consider it worthy of the same diamond volute that we use on the back of our Vintage Dreadnought peghead. In addition to selecting only the finest quartersawn and matched South American mahogany backs and sides, the Country Boy Dreadnought is appointed with an Adirondack spruce top.

When Ricky Skaggs suggested the name “Country Boy” for our mahogany dreadnought, we all fell on the floor. We still wonder where he got such a great idea for a name! Admittedly, depending on which Body Style is used with this traditional combination of spruce and mahogany, you can get pretty far removed from anything remotely “country” in look and sound. Over the years we have considered changing the name but we can’t, it was a gift!

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