2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Iced Tea Burst + OHSC

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2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Iced Tea Burst + OHSC

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Lovies guitars San Diego is offering up a gorgeous, Near MINT 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard in the intriguing Iced tea Burst finish with a great Flame! This guitar is in excellent shape!! Some very minor surface marks and micro swirls when heavily inspecting and a few small dings on the back of the headstock. Hanger related. Nothing to speak of specifically, only minor wear. Fantastic condition and in a great finish, the Iced Tea is such a dynamic and rich finish with a great balance! One of the best! This guitar is perfect for someone really looking to enjoy the art of guitar and at an accessible price! Plecked! This guitar is all original and it is in its original case with paperwork! Really great deal! This guitar has an awesome vibe! Makes you want to plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich guitar. No fret ware on a great medium sized, rounded neck. SEE many images below!! Has a nice medium sized Rounded 50s neck.

WEIGHS in at: 8lbs. 7 oz.

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