2017 Taylor 914ce Armrest ES2 MINT condition + OHSC

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2017 Taylor 914ce Armrest ES2 MINT condition + OHSC

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Description is offering up this gorgeous Taylor 914ce Top of the line Model guitar. It has a fantastic feel and is as great as the artists who make it sing. This beauty has great looking rosewood back and sides! The grain is just beautiful. Top Grade woods only on this beauty. This guitar is a master crafted guitar. The guitar sounds absolutely incredible and has a great dynamic and rich tone. The neck is one of the best necks I have ever put in my hand. This guitar is MINT, barely played. It was purchased as an anniversary Gift for a husband who no longer had interest in playing. He loved the guitar but wanted to money to use on the hot rod. This guitar was not played on but 10 minutes. Cant find and obvious mark, dent, scratch or scuff on it. Its Beautiful! Zero fretwear or player. No breaks, cracks, issues, or repairs. See tons of pics below. The guitar is all original. Original Taylor Custom Deluxe hard Case and candy in photos. In my opinion this is the guitar of all guitars acoustic. Just in a world of its own. Save $1000 off a new one, this one is in same condition. These 2017’s are the best Taylor 914ce guitars yet. Just mind blowing. 

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Taylor 914ce Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • A classic tonewoods combination – Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood
  • A richer, more vibrant voice than ever before thanks to customized bracing
  • Grand Auditorium body style gives you exceptional presence
  • Cutting-edge Taylor Expression System 2 electronics

A classic tonewoods combination – Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood

Nothing beats the sound of real rosewood topped with spruce – and that’s exactly what you get with the Taylor 914ce. It features a beautiful Sitka spruce top, which gives you wonderful projection and the perfect amount of sparkle. Add to that the balanced tone and astonishing projection of the 914ce’s Indian rosewood back and sides, and you have a guitar with timeless tone. Apart from its beautiful tone, you’ll notice the 914ce’s intricate abalone inlays and rosette add a touch of flash to the guitar.

A richer, more vibrant voice than ever before thanks to customized bracing

You’ll notice that the Taylor 914ce boasts exceptionally vibrant tones with a unique character. Taylor went back to the drawing board and redesigned their bracing patterns, to get the optimum response out of each of their iconic body shapes. Taylor even added side bracing to add rigidity to the sides and enhance top and back movement. In the words of luthier Andy Powers, the updated Advanced Performance bracing pattern gives the updated 914ce a “nice, cushy swell and long sustain, even with a delicate touch.”

Grand Auditorium body style gives you exceptional presence

Taylor’s beloved Grand Auditorium body style, featured on the 914ce, employs the width and depth of the Dreadnought. But, its waist is narrower, which gives Grand Auditorium bodied acoustic guitars a sleeker look, with more treble zing. The 914ce’s Grand Auditorium body style also helps to sharpen the definition of each note. Ultimately, from fingerpicking to medium strumming, the Grand Auditorium is a great body choice for nearly every playing style. At Sweetwater we love expressive and toneful acoustic guitars, and the Taylor 914ce acoustic-electric definitely fits that bill.

Cutting-edge Taylor Expression System 2 electronics

If you play plugged in, then you’re going to love the Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics built into your 914ce. The key to this fantastic system is the 3-section proprietary pickup located behind the saddle. Because of where it’s positioned and how it’s integrated into the 914ce’s saddle, the ES2 pickup provides you with remarkably clear and accurate sound. In addition to a master volume control, a pair of tone controls let you tweak your highs and lows to get the sound you need, and a discreet phase switch offers vital onboard feedback suppression.

Taylor 914ce Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • An acoustic-electric guitar with a bold yet smooth voice
  • Grand Auditorium body style gives you dreadnought-like projection with a more expressive upper register
  • Gorgeous koa binding and abalone inlays add a touch of elegance
  • Classic Grand Auditorium sound with crisp highs and powerful lows, thanks to customized Advanced Performance bracing pattern
  • Sitka spruce provides a bright and balanced tone
  • Indian rosewood back and sides add clarity and projection
  • Graceful Venetian cutaway gives you access all the way up the fingerboard
  • Onboard Taylor Expression System 2 electronics deliver natural amplified sound
  • Thin finish lets the guitar ring true
  • Hardshell case included

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