Fender Stratocaster 1960 Custom Shop Reissue Relic Daphne Blue + OHSC

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Fender Stratocaster 1960 Custom Shop Reissue Relic Daphne Blue + OHSC

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Lovies Guitars is offering up an absolutely gorgeous 2003 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Reissue Relic Stratocaster in stunning Relic’d Daphne Blue finish. This guitar has only been played on a few times and put safely back in the case. No dings that were not meant to be there from the relic! Frets are perfect. This is the real deal! So gorgeous and so cool! Fender has a one of a kind style and this Strat highlights it right! Great sound and near perfect condition makes this guitar a GREAT deal! Please see photos below. This guitar is really clean and it shows, zero fret wear! No breaks, wood cracks or repairs. This guitar has an awesome vibe! Makes you want to plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich guitar. SEE many images below!! All original! Includes original Custom hard case, Photocopy of COA and other stuff in pics.

WEIGHS in at: 7.65 lbs
.816” at the 1st
.972” at the 12th

Buy with Confidence: 14 Money Back return!

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