Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 R9 Reissue! Historic Makeovers Deluxe! Brazilian!

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Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 R9 Reissue! Historic Makeovers Deluxe! Brazilian!

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Lovies Guitars is offering up a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 Reissue in Iced Tea! This guitar has had a Deluxe Historic Makeovers Package put on it! Historic Makeovers is an amazing establishment that takes guitars and perfectly recreates a guitar from 1959 to be exactly like they would be and allows you to customize your packages! A $4500 package on it’s own! This guitar includes an “Age Package” ($450) a Vintage Correct Package ($700) and a Logo Replacement ($500)! It has Zhangbucker Pagy and Brown Bucker! All the specs are below! Including Detailed mages!
Weighs in at 9.05 lbs
.883″ at the 1st fret
.951″ at the 12th fret
Serial: 9 7120
SKU: 1304
From Historic Makeovers:

Our most complete Makeover for Gibson Historics. On guitars made before 2013, we steam out the neck and reset with hot hide glue. On all guitars, we re-carve the top to vintage spec, reshape the neck to vintage “C” shape, and use hot hide glue to install a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with correct binding ledge and inlay routs. We inlay the fingerboard with our exclusive 1950’s style cellulose nitrate inlays, and install frets. The fingerboard and guitar body are bound with our Royalite binding and the fingerboard binding edges are rolled. The guitar is completely refinished with aniline dyes and unplasticized nitro-cellulose lacquer in one of our vintage correct finishes.  The package includes a Vintage Patina (weather-checking and aging optional). We also re-stamp the serial number in a correct 50’s typeface.

Includes authentic weather-checking and serious wear on the finish. Buckle rash, arm wear, scrapes, scratches, oxidation, you name it, this ones got it.

We can replace the factory MOP logo with one in a vintage correct font, using correct placement and orientation based on the year of the guitar.
Finish it off with with vintage correct plastics, hardware & electronics from our Retrospec store.