Tone King! Gibson ES-175 2006 in Gorgeous Flametop Cherry + OHSC

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Tone King! Gibson ES-175 2006 in Gorgeous Cherry + OHSC

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Lovies Guitars is offering up a 2002 Gibson ES-175 in the fantastic Cherry finish. The sound is absolutely incredible! Great Jazz sound! This guitar was a go to guitar so it does have some wear, most notably the scratch that was been relacquered to prevent any further damage. It has regular wear other than that. This guitar has an awesome vibe! Makes you want to plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich guitar. They don’t make em like this anymore! Somewhat of a golden era for the Gibson hollowbodies. SEE many images below!! Great guitar that has really opened up and sounds vintage and sweet. Comes in Takamine hard shell case.

WEIGHS in at: 7.25 lbs.

.880 at the 1st

1.685 Nut Width

Serial: 00896743

SKU: 761

History/About the ES-175:

The ES-175D is a dual-pickup archtop electric guitar made by Gibson. The ES-175D has a rosewood fingerboard with parallelogram inlays, a 3″ deep body, a floating bridge, two hum buckers , 20 frets and independent volume and tone controls for each pickup. The guitar has the standard Gibson scale length of 24.75″ and is available in sunburst and natural finishes.

The ES-175 debuted in 1949, as Gibson’s mid-level laminate top alternative to the L-5 and as an electric version of the L-4. It was also the first Gibson electric to feature a stylish Florentine cutaway. Its first incarnation had one single-coil pickup (a P-90) in the neck position, and a carved rosewood bridge. The model’s name is derived from its original price of $175. In 1953, the ES-175D, a two-pickup model, was introduced. The ES-175 or ES-175D could be ordered in either sunburst finish or in natural finish (for an additional charge).

Beginning in February 1957, ES-175s came equipped with humbuckers. Many new jazz guitarists such as Pat Metheny used these to emulate the sound of Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery’s “heart” L5. The ES-175 with humbuckers is prized for its full, rich tone. Some guitarists will try to mimic the rich resonant sound of this rather large hollow-body instrument by turning the tone knob all the way down on smaller, or solid body, guitars.

In 1969, shortly before Norlin acquired Gibson from CMI (Chicago Musical Instruments), Gibson began to implement changes across the line, including changing the headstock pitch from 17 degrees to 14, phasing in three-piece maple necks in lieu of one piece mahogany, and the addition of a volute to the neck. The ES-175 was largely spared these changes until the mid-1970s. In 1976, the three-piece maple neck replaced the one-piece mahogany neck, a volute was added, and the wooden bridge was replaced by a Nashville bridge.

By the mid-1970s, Gibson had discontinued the single-pickup model.

Jazz guitarist Joe Pass played his ES-175. This model guitar is used not only by jazz guitarists. Scotty Moore, the guitarist for Elvis Presley, played an all gold ES-175. Steve Howe also plays an ES-175.

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