UNPLAYED! Gibson SG 1961 ’61 Reissue 2012 Faded Worn Cherry + OHSC! NOS!

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UNPLAYED! Gibson SG 1961 ’61 Reissue 2012 Faded Worn Cherry + OHSC! NOS!

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Lovies Guitars is offering up this gorgeous 2012 Gibson SG ’61 Reissue in Faded Worn Cherry! This guitar is amazing! It’s what we call “New Old Stock” which just basically means that Gibson found it in the back of the warehouse, whether it didn’t sell or they forgot about it, they sold it to vendors and shops and so it’s in brand new condition it just doesn’t come with a warranty. These were great years for Gibson, the shear quality and feel of the guitars were out of this world! You’re essentially getting a brand new guitar for the price of a used! See many detailed photos included!

Weighs in at 5.95 lbs

.808″ at the 1st fret

.907″ at the 12th fret

1.684″ Nut Width

Serial: 107721372

SKU: 1240

The first SGs were actually called Les Pauls but were renamed SG, which simply stands for solid guitar. The SG proved so popular that they’ve been in constant production ever since because of their immediately identifiable body contours, lightweight construction, and fat mahogany-based tones. They are a great way of getting the classic Gibson humbucker sound for people who don’t want the weight of a Les Paul. This SG ’61 Reissue is a spot-on reproduction of these first Gibson SGs and offers you the same raw tone and iconic look that have made these guitars legendary.

The trend away from the large baseball bat necks of 1950s Gibsons culminated in the SlimTaper design found on the 1961 SGs and this reissue. Many players were immediately drawn to it for the way it allowed for faster playing for the more technical styles of rock ‘n’ roll that were beginning to gain in popularity at the time. The combination of the ’60s SlimTaper mahogany neck and the warmth of the traditional rosewood fingerboard delivers comfortable, effortless playing that complements the mahogany body perfectly.

The Gibson ’57 Classic humbucking pickups onboard the SG ’61 Reissue are reproductions of the original PAF humbuckers found on the vintage SGs. Because Seth Lover invented the original “Patent Applied For” humbuckers for Gibson, Sweetwater guitarists know that these pickups are just like the ones that have defined the sound of rock ‘n’ roll for generations. The ’57 Classics on this SG will take you from the tones of Angus Young to Tony Iommi and Cream-era Clapton with ease.