2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus Cherry Sunburst Flame +OHSC

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2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus Cherry Sunburst Flame +OHSC

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Lovies guitars San Diego is offering up a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional electric guitar! Beautiful and bright light Sunburst flame top finish and great condition makes this guitar a GREAT deal! Excellent shape with no obvious dings, dents, or scratches at all! Maybe some micro lines but only in the right light at the right angle. Just gorgeous! My overall impression of the guitar is SUPER CLEAN! Near MINT. Please see photos below. No breaks, cracks, or repairs. This guitar has an awesome vibe! Makes you want to plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich guitar. SEE many images below!! Great deal!! Includes original Gibson hard case, paperwork. Has that nice significant 50’s neck. Splays perfect and is set-up and ready to play!

WEIGHS in at: 9 lbs. 10 oz.

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