2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Honey

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2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Honey

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Lovie’s Guitars San Diego is offering up a unique hybrid! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous 2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul Semi-hollow body electric guitar in honey finish! This beautiful guitar is in near MINT condition with just a small mark on the front of the headstock and a couple micro marks on the back! No breaks, cracks or repairs and zero fretware. It is all original and comes in its original case with paperwork and COA! This is a great opportunity for a collector or player, or someone that happens tone both! Decades of making great guitars has paved the way to this new creation that offers the best of both the Les Paul and ES worlds! And at this great used price you can afford to try something new! This guitar has an awesome vibe! Plug it in and just get carried away by the sweet tunes. Really versatile and rich sounding guitar that really has a vibrant sound throughout the entire spectrum. See tons of HD pics below!

WEIGHS in at: 5 lbs. 15 oz.

From Gibson:

The ES-Les Paul

The perfect marriage of Les Paul and ES-335 yields powerful tones and a lightweight playing feel, courtesy of PAF-style MHS pickups, rounded ‘C’ neck profile, historic details and more.

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