2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic 100 Electric Guitar Seafoam Green w/ Robo Tuners + OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is excited to offer up this 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic 100 Electric Guitar with a Seafoam Green Finish! If you’re a Les Paul aficionado, then this retooled Gibson 2015 Les Paul Classic solidbody electric guitar is a dream come true. Built from maple-topped mahogany and loaded with ’57 Classic and Super ’57 humbuckers, this guitar gives you the thick, sustaining tone with focused mid frequencies and stinging highs that Les Pauls are famous for. This Les Paul Classic’s new wider neck and thicker fretboard, combined with its adjustable, patent-pending Zero Fret Nut, will provide you with an ultra-comfortable ride every time your fingers dance up and down this guitar’s mahogany SlimTaper neck.

Comfort and playability were two of Gibson’s primary concerns when they were designing this 2015 Les Paul Classic solidbody electric guitar. This guitar’s neck and fretboard are .050″ wider on each side, making bends and vibrato much easier on its outer strings. Speaking of this Les Paul Classic’s silky-smooth fretboard, it’s now sanded and buffed to the nth degree and finished with an all-new oil treatment, making it easy for you to display your fast fretwork. Also, Gibson’s new patent-pending Zero Fret Nut can be easily adjusted with a hex key if your action is too high – no filing necessary. You’ll be amazed at how this guitar’s SlimTaper neck profile compensates for its wider dimensions – we’re talking uber-comfortable playability!

Two of Gibson’s best-loved humbuckers – a ’57 Classic in the neck position and a Super ’57 in the bridge – give this 2015 Les Paul Classic solidbody electric guitar the power, punch, and clarity of Gibson’s legendary PAF pickups. On top of that, this Les Paul Classic’s Turbo Boost switch gives you 15dB of extra gain to make your solos sing and sting. If that isn’t enough, this Les Paul Classic’s modified wiring also offers coil splitting, giving you access to chimey, bell-like single-coil tones with a flick of its mini-toggle switch!

If you loved Gibson’s Min-ETune tuning system, then you’ll love their newly developed G-Force even more. Thanks to G-Force, not only can you tune your 2015 Les Paul Classic solidbody electric guitar with a single strum, but you can also make use of alternate tunings without having to retune or switch guitars. You can also calibrate your guitar to an external source. Say you have a vintage piano that’s not quite tuned to A440. Now, thanks to G-Force, the piano and your guitar can play together beautifully with no tuning hassles.

When buying diamonds, there are four characteristics that are used to grade or select the stones. These are known as the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Gibson has implemented a similar system to grade their guitars’ components: weight, top contour, grain structure/purity, and grain figure/depth. By putting this system into action, Gibson can ensure that all of their guitars are built using top-grade materials. This guitar is in excellent shape with a couple minor indents, rated at 9.5/10. All original and free of any breaks, cracks or repairs. Included with this guitar is an original hard-shell case and a complimentary sample of Fret-Not, our preferred fretboard cleaner, check it out at fretnot.net! Thank you for considering this exceptional instrument from Lovies Guitars.


Newly redesigned mahogany SlimTaper neck provides increased playing comfort
Zero Fret Nut and new Tune-o-matic bridge let you easily adjust your guitar’s action with a hex key
’57 Classic and Super ’57 pickups deliver vintage-tinged humbucker tone
Turbo Boost switch boosts your output by 15dB for in-your-face tone
Coil split toggle switch gives you access to single-coil pickup tones
G-Force automatic tuning system delivers perfect intonation – and more
New removable pickguard with no screws needed
Pearl inlays, 100 headstock logo, and Les Paul hologram for a distinctive appearance
More robust cables and improved jack design for a solid, uninterrupted signal
Gibson’s four Cs plan ensures top-quality components

WEIGHS in at: 8.95 lbs

1st Fret: .800”

12th Fret: .875”

Nut Width: 1 3/4”

Serial: 150031844

SKU: 7093

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