2017 Gibson Memphis Custom ES-339 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst + COA OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is Excited to offer up this 2017 Gibson Memphis Custom ES-339 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with a Sunburst Finish! The 2017 Gibson Memphis Custom ES-339 in Sunburst is a superbly crafted semi-hollow electric guitar that combines the classic design of the ES-335 with modern construction and playability. This instrument is a testament to Gibson’s dedication to producing versatile and high-quality guitars that pay homage to their legendary past.

Body and Finish: The Gibson Custom ES-339 features a compact semi-hollowbody design that offers the best of both worlds – the resonance of a hollowbody and the sustain of a solid body. Its body is typically made from a maple/poplar/maple laminate for the top and back, contributing to its balanced tonal characteristics. The sunburst finish is a classic choice, showcasing a gradual fade from a rich, dark center to a lighter edge, accentuating the guitar’s elegant contours.

Neck and Fingerboard: The guitar’s neck is typically constructed from mahogany, providing stability and warmth to the tone. It often features a comfortable slim-taper neck profile, allowing for fast and effortless playability. The fingerboard is made from high-quality rosewood, known for its smooth texture and tonal depth, enhancing the guitar’s overall sonic character.

Pickups and Electronics: The 2017 Gibson Memphis Custom ES-339 comes equipped with versatile humbucking pickups that capture the essence of classic PAF-style pickups. These pickups offer a wide tonal range, from warm, smooth jazz tones to gritty and bluesy rock sounds. The electronics are designed to meet modern standards, providing players with options for precise volume and tone control.

Hardware: The hardware components on this guitar are of top-notch quality, ensuring reliable tuning stability and long-lasting performance. Precision tuning machines and a sturdy bridge system contribute to the instrument’s exceptional playability, allowing you to focus on your music without worrying about tuning issues.

Tonal Character and Versatility: The ES-339 is celebrated for its versatile tonal character. It offers the warmth and resonance of a semi-hollowbody while maintaining the sustain and feedback resistance of a solid-body guitar. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of musical genres, from jazz and blues to rock and beyond. The guitar’s humbucking pickups provide a rich, harmonically complex sound that can be shaped to suit various playing styles.

Memphis Custom Craftsmanship: The “Memphis Custom” designation signifies a commitment to quality and attention to detail in the Gibson Custom Shop. These guitars undergo meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of playability and tone. This level of dedication to quality is reflected in every aspect of the instrument, from its construction to its finish.

The 2017 Gibson Memphis Custom ES-339 in Sunburst is a versatile and finely crafted semi-hollow electric guitar that combines classic design elements with modern playability. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast, blues player, or a rock guitarist seeking tonal versatility and elegance, this ES-339 is a remarkable instrument that pays tribute to Gibson’s heritage while meeting the demands of contemporary musicians. Excellent Shape with pickguard marks and several minor indents and marks, 9/10. ALL Original. NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs. Includes an Original Hard-Shell Case and a Free Sample of Fret-Not, our favorite fretboard cleaner out there, check it out at fretnot.net! SEE more pics, including internals, at our website!

WEIGHS in at: 7.25 lbs

1st Fret: .855”

12th Fret: .995”

Nut Width: 1 11/16”

Serial: 10447713

SKU: 6387

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