2020 Fender QMT American Showcase Stratocaster Aqua Marine Metallic Quilt Top HSS + OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is Excited to offer up this 2020 Fender QMT American Showcase Stratocaster with an Aqua Marine Metallic Quilt Top Finish! The quilted maple cap—unusual for a Fender—is striking with its see-through metallic finish. The neck, too is all new—fast playing, but with a familiar feel. Exclusive pickups and advanced wiring make the Showcase Strat HSS incredibly versatile, and with a curated collection of Fender appointments, this is one guitar that can truly do it all. You can stare at the bark all day long, but when it comes to figured maple, the only way to find it is to cut down the tree. Even then, only 1% of maple trees have this wood, which makes the top on the Showcase HSS all the more special. It sits on a solid alder body. A see-through gloss metallic finish highlights the grain.

The one-piece maple neck has a Modern C-to-D-profile, and is only available on the Showcase series. Since the neck is rounder at the nut, first position chords are easier to form. Moving up, the profile slims to a D-shape, which facilitates faster play and single-note soloing. The maple fretboard has a flatter 12″ radius, making big bends ring true without “fretting out.”

The Strat HSS has 2 American Showcase single-coil pickups that have a higher output than traditional single coils, but still maintain the singular Strat sound. A PAF-style Showcase humbucker sits in the bridge—drive it to discover its rich and throaty voice. A push/pull knob splits the ’bucker for added single-coil sounds. The American Showcase p’ups excel with tube amps, pushing the front end to hit the “sweet spot” sooner with articulation and clarity. A treble bleed circuit ensures that the highs don’t fade as the volume pot is dialed down.

The American Showcase Stratocaster HSS has a modern 2-point synchronized design, but it’s paired with bent steel saddles instead of block saddles—a welcome return to original ’50s specs. The pop-in arm securely stays in position and can be adjusted for perfectly dialed-in tension. Deluxe locking tuners make string changing a breeze; with an 18:1 gear ratio, precise tuning is, too. All-in-all, the Showcase features the most reliable hardware Fender has ever made. Great Shape with hardware tarnish, pickguard marks and several indents and marks, 8.5/10. ALL Original. NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs. Includes an Original Hard-Shell Case and a Free Sample of Fret-Not, our favorite fretboard cleaner out there, check it out at fretnot.net!

WEIGHS in at: 8.25 lbs

1st Fret: .775”

12th Fret: .860”

Radius: 12”

Nut Width: 1 11/16”

Serial: US20000763

SKU: 6297

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