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The AB8 takes our trademarked stacking, modular system and created the AB8. This 23″ wide rack optimized vertical space by creating storage for 8 instruments in a 23″ wide space. Extremely stable, compact and an ideal fit for smaller spaces where vertical space is often under utilized.

  • Built from solid, environmentally sustainable Bamboo
  • Holds 8 instruments (Bass, Guitar, Acoustic / Hollowbody and Electric)
  • Replaceable finish safe padded inserts are designed to allow easy access while keeping your instrument from falling out of the rack.
  • The deepest padded neck support on the market!
  • The only system especially designed to accommodate offset and other asymetrical designs.
  • Both racks stack by pre-drilled holes and four 5mm pins. No special tools required
  • 23″ w x 74″ h x 18″ d (88″ minimum ceiling height recommended) sans Drawer
  • Flat packed to keep shipping costs to a minimum, these racks ship anywhere in the world and assemble with a single (provided) 4mm Allen wrench.

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