Gibson Les Paul 1958 ’58 Reissue Historic Makeover RDS 2012 Faded Tobacco + COA

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Lovies Guitars is offering up a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1958 Reissue in Faded Tobacco! This guitar has had a Deluxe Historic Makeovers Package put on it! Historic Makeovers is an amazing establishment that takes guitars and perfectly recreates a guitar from 1958 to be exactly like they would be and allows you to customize your packages! For Pickups they put in some awesome Throbak pickups to give it the closest sound to an original ’58 Les Paul! All the specs are below! Including Detailed mages!
Weighs in at 9.65 lbs
.870″ at the 1st fret
.941″ at the 12th fret
Serial: 8 2724
SKU: 1839

Welcome to the “Real Deal Series” by Historic Makeovers® – completed Deluxe Makeovers with Retrospec parts, ready to ship. We start by selecting a Gibson Historic Les Paul with the right qualities and high potential for a Makeover. The guitar goes through our entire Deluxe Package: top carve, neck carve, vintage style truss rod, hot hide glue neck reset, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, Retrospec inlays, Royalite binding, new frets, nylon nut, vintage correct finish, distressing, serial stamp, and headstock silkscreen.

We complete the package by adding a selection of our Retrospec vintage reproduction parts. Each RDS guitar is unique and based on the inspiration and creativity of our team. The result is our best possible value and customer feedback has been excellent. The RDS guitars we have in stock are ready to ship immediately. You can purchase directly through the website by adding the guitar to your cart and checking out, or contact us for sales help and questions.

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