MINT! 2005 Fender Custom Shop Time Machine 1951 Nocaster Lush Closet Classic Faded Nocaster Blonde + COA Case



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Lovies Guitars is Excited to offer up this 2005 Fender Custom Shop Time Machine 1951 Nocaster Lush Closet Classic with a Faded Nocaster Blonde Finish! If you bought a Nocaster in 1951, then stored it in your closet for a few decades, you’d get the Time Machine 1951 Nocaster Lush Closet Classic. Experience a nice balance of brightness, warmth, and midrange “pop,” thanks to a premium 2-piece select ash body. Inject your playing with jangly, smooth, sparkling tones and a distinct twangy bite, via hand-wound single-coil pickups. Enjoy outstanding playability, courtesy of a 10/56 “V”-shaped maple neck. You also get a bone nut and vintage-style brass saddles to ensure unfettered sustain. Beyond that, the 1951 Nocaster’s Closet Classic finish gives it a broken-in feel and a well-taken-care-of appearance that’s sure to attract attention.

Bearing the revered “Nocaster” moniker, the Time Machine 1951 Nocaster springs from a most interesting lineage. As we know, our beloved Telecaster was originally christened the “Broadcaster.” At the time, Gretsch had a drum set named “Broadkaster,” and threatened a legal action against Fender to protect the name. Wanting no part of this, Fender simply cut off the headstock decals to simply read “Fender.” Thus, the Nocaster legend was born — affecting only about 475 instruments before Fender came up with the Telecaster name. So Nocaster’s are rare, indeed — which all the more makes the 1951 Nocaster a 6-string object of desire.

You’re sure to cut through the mix, thanks to the Time Machine 1951 Nocaster’s loaded ’51 Nocaster pickups. These pups feature a period-correct design and exhibit the tight low end and clear, balanced midrange you’d expect from a vintage ’50s Tele. And the bridge pickups twangs like it’s nobody’s business. Both of these single-coil pickups have been hand-wound to ensure the highest quality possible. The 1951 Nocaster comes complete with a 3-way switch and Fat ’50s Tele wiring.

The neck is one of the most important aspects of any instrument, which is why the Fender Custom Shop Time Machine 1951 Nocaster features a quartersawn maple neck. Besides looking good, the straight grain of quartersawn necks is about 50% more stable than plain-sawn necks and less likely to warp, twist, or shrink. You’ll love the feel of the 1951 Nocaster’s 10/56 “V” profile and easy-playing 9.5″ radius fingerboard.

Fender Custom Shop’s Closet Classic treatment creates instruments that are spittin’ images of the originals. Without sneaking a look at the neck heel stamp, you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish this guitar from an original, lovingly-cared-for ’51 Nocaster. The Time Machine 1951 Nocaster wears a gently aged nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Nitro finishes — standard back in the day — are significantly thinner than today’s polyurethane finishes, allowing the guitar to “breathe.” Nitro finishes not only look vintage-y wonderful, they also enhance the instrument’s tonal qualities, giving you the look, sound, and feel of an aged classic. MINT Condition, NO Issues 10/10! ALL Original. NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs! All of our guitars are fitted with a fresh set of our favorite strings by Stringjoy! Includes a Fender Hard-Shell Case and a Free Sample of Fret-Not, our favorite fretboard cleaner out there, check it out at!


2-piece select ash body yields a nice balance of brightness, warmth, and midrange “pop”
Hand-wound single-coil pickups provide jangly, smooth, sparkling tones with a distinct twangy bite
Tinted quartersawn AA maple neck with 10/56 “V” profile serves up outstanding feel
9.5″-radiused maple fingerboard with 6105 frets for fast playing
Bone nut and ’51-’54 Tele bridge with brass saddles ensure unfettered sustain
Closet Classic treatment offers broken-in feel with a well-taken-care-of appearance
Includes a strap, deluxe hardshell case, and certificate of authenticity

WEIGHS in at: 7.30 lbs

.948” at the 1st fret

.979” at the 12th fret

Radius: 9.5”

Nut Width: 1 5/8”

Serial: R0203

SKU: 5074

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