MINTY! 2007 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Signature Double-Neck EDS-1275 VOS Cherry Red + COA OHSC


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Lovies Guitar’s is excited to offer up this Iconic 2007 Gibson Jimmy Page Signature Double-Neck Guitar in a Classic Cherry Red Finish! An iconic symbol of rock and roll’s power and possibility, the double neck has always been a jewel in Gibson’s crown, acting as both a tribute to incredible guitar building and historic guitar playing. During Led Zeppelin’s heyday, Page used the double neck to deliver the intricate studio arrangement of “Stairway to Heaven” to enraptured, stadium crowds. During live performances of the epic, Page would alternate from the bottom 6-string for the delicate fingerpicking in the song’s intro and verses, as well as the song’s spiraling guitar solo, to the ringing 12-string for the song’s bridge and lighter-raising final chorus. Only the double neck could provide a sound big enough for Led Zeppelin’s biggest hit, and Page would keep it onstage to perform classics like “The Song Remains the Same” and “Rain Song.” The Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck is a painstaking recreation of Jimmy’s original ’71 model. A fixture during live performances of one of the best loved songs of all time, “Stairway to Heaven,” the Page Double-Neck is a collector’s item with maximum functionality. Crafted in the style of Jimmy’s EDS-1275, the mahogany 6- and 12-string necks are outfitted with rosewood fingerboards. The body’s period-correct mahogany is finished in a meticulously weathered dark cherry and done up with chrome hardware and strap locks, a period-correct 5-ply pickguard, four Page pickups, and two volume and tone control knobs. This axe is number 33 out of 250 made! In Near MINT Condition, with just a couple tiny finish marks near the bottom strap pin, easy 9.8/10! ALL Original-NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs, Includes COA and Original Hard-Shell Case!!

WEIGHS in at 11.00 lbs

.866″ at the 1st fret
.972” at the 12th fret

.885” at the 1st fret

.1.030” at the 12th fret

Serial: Jimmy Page 033

SKU: 3180

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