MINTY! 2019 Taylor Custom NAMM Limited Edition GO 12-String Acoustic/ Electric Guitar Grade A Koa Shaded Edge Burst + OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is Excited to offer up this 2019 Taylor Custom NAMM Limited Edition GO 12-String Acoustic/ Electric Guitar Grade A Koa with a Shaded Edge Burst Finish! The 2019 Taylor Custom Grand Orchestra 12 String NAMM Limited is a rare and exceptional instrument that embodies the pinnacle of Taylor’s artistry and craftsmanship. As a limited-edition guitar created for the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show, it showcases Taylor’s commitment to innovation and the use of premium materials to deliver an extraordinary musical experience.

Body and Finish: The Grand Orchestra body shape is Taylor’s largest, providing a powerful and resonant acoustic presence. In this custom model, it’s meticulously crafted from Grade A Koa wood, a premium tonewood known for its exquisite grain patterns and tonal richness. The guitar’s natural finish accentuates the Koa’s stunning figuring and color variation, allowing its inherent beauty to shine. The attention to detail in the body design and finish exemplifies Taylor’s dedication to creating visually stunning and sonically superior instruments.

Neck and Fingerboard: The guitar’s neck is typically constructed from select mahogany, offering stability and tonal warmth. It features a comfortable profile that allows for smooth and effortless playability. The fingerboard, often made from West African ebony, provides a luxurious playing surface, enhancing the guitar’s tonal depth and articulation.

Pickups and Electronics: Equipped with Taylor’s advanced Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics, this custom 12-string guitar ensures a seamless transition from acoustic to amplified performance. The ES2 system captures the guitar’s rich acoustic tones faithfully, delivering an accurate representation of its natural sound. It includes volume, tone, and dynamic controls for shaping your amplified sound to perfection.

Hardware: The guitar’s hardware components are of the highest quality, ensuring reliability and tuning stability. Precise tuning machines and a top-notch bridge system contribute to the instrument’s impeccable playability, allowing you to focus on your music without concerns about tuning issues.

Tonal Character and Versatility: The 2019 Taylor Custom Grand Orchestra 12 String is known for its lush and harmonically rich sound. Koa wood imparts a unique tonal character, with a warm, balanced tonal spectrum and a pronounced midrange presence. The 12-string configuration adds shimmering overtones and depth, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a full, immersive acoustic experience. Whether you’re strumming chords or fingerpicking intricate melodies, this guitar offers a captivating sonic palette.

NAMM Limited Edition Collectibility: Being a NAMM Limited Edition model, this guitar holds a special place in the world of collectors and guitar enthusiasts. These instruments are produced in limited quantities, making them highly sought-after and collectible items. Owning one represents a unique piece of Taylor’s history and innovation, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of acoustic guitar design and tonal excellence.

The 2019 Taylor Custom Grand Orchestra 12 String Acoustic Electric Guitar NAMM Limited Grade A Koa is a masterpiece that combines stunning aesthetics, exceptional craftsmanship, and rich, immersive tonal qualities. It stands as a testament to Taylor’s dedication to producing extraordinary instruments and is a cherished possession for those who value both visual and sonic artistry in their guitars. MINTY Shape with a few minor indents on the back body, 9.5/10. ALL Original. NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs. Includes an Original Hard-Shell Case and a Free Sample of Fret-Not, our favorite fretboard cleaner out there, check it out at!

1st Fret: .850”

9th Fret: .895”

Nut Width: 2”

Serial: 1104169141

SKU: 6382

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