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Lovies Guitars is excited to offer up a sweet Old Style Guitar Shop Stratocaster with 3 P-90-style Pickups in a Black finish! Nestled on the border between the Silver Lake and East Hollywood neighbourhoods, Old Style Guitar Shop is a different sort of destination shop: grassroots and unassuming. Their inception was the product of a cross-country move to Los Angeles from New York City. Old Style eschews elitist swank and the too-cool-for-school attitude adopted by some personas in the guitar world, favouring a comfortable, down-home atmosphere and a laid back, welcoming staff. The shop is highly regarded among guitar enthusiast types for its embrace of quirky, kitschy guitars of the 60’s. This strat style guitar has awesome tones, bright and thick, spanky and warm, with a good mid-bass response, especially when the volume is rolled off at low levels! Great Condition, however, there are some finish cracks around the bridge and the back has its fair amount of finish marks.
ALL Original, NO Breaks or Repairs, Includes Hard-Shell Fender Case!!

WEIGHS IN AT: 7.65 lbs

.835″ at the 1st fret
.969” at the 12th fret
7.25” Radius
SKU: 3080

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