RARE & Sick! Ibanez JEM77B-RMR Steve Vai Signature Bad Horsie Jem Black Mirror + OHSC


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Lovies Guitar’s is excited to offer up this Rare Ibanez JEM77B-RMR Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar! Steven Siro Vai, better known as Steve Vai, is certainly one of the most versatile, virtuoso and individual guitarists our planet has to offer. His playing and sound are unique and unmistakable. He makes his guitar cry, scream, laugh and tell stories. Countless musicians have emulated him over the decades, yet Steve Vai occupies an absolutely exceptional position among guitarists. In addition to countless solo recordings, he also worked alongside Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake, as well as in the 1986 feature film Crossroads, in which only he credibly embodied the devil himself. Two guitar models from Ibanez have accompanied his long and successful career, the unmistakable ‘JEM’ and the ‘Universe’ presented in 1989, which is equipped with 7 strings. Especially rare is the JEM ‘Bad Horsie’ presented here, which with it’s mirrored top is a highlight on every stage. But this Vai Signature is not only an optical dream it is first and foremost an outstandingly good instrument. A very slim, 5-ply maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, linden body, the voice stable Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge tremolo and the ‘Breed’ pickup set, supplied by DiMarzio, are the proven ingredients of this JEM. It offers an astonishing variety of sounds for grooving rock, soulful solo playing or avant-garde sound creations via the 5-way switch. The workmanship is superb! This axe is in Excellent Condition with just some light finish marks on near the bridge and on the headstock, and some minor buckle wear on the back. ALL Original-NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs, Includes Original Hard-Shell Case!!

WEIGHS in at 7.25 lbs

.708″ at the 1st fret
.797” at the 12th fret

Serial: F0513768

SKU: 3182

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