Really Nice! Vintage Gibson Super 400 C Cutaway 1969 Sunburst + OHSC



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Lovies guitars is offering up a really Nice adn Clean 1969 Gibson Super 400 with Cutaway in a stunning Sunburst finish with top shelf flamed maple back. Such a neat piece! This is a beautiful sounding guitar. Seriously one of the most lucious and rich guitar tones I have ever heard. I just went to test the pickup and litteryaly played this guitar for 2 hours more than I planned. I figured the 1 9/16” nut would feel too small for my large fingers but it was actully very comfortable to play. I really love playing this guitar. The tone is just incredible. Quite a bit better than most of the CES 400s I have played. I guess that non cut top really adds to the sounds. Pickguard has been replaced and a 1960’s D’armond Rythem Chief 1100. I have seen these pickups sell for $1000 alone. They are very sought after and I can see why, sounds lucious. There is a few areas of note on this 50 year old gem. There are a few different screw holes on the top near the neck from the different pickguards that have been fitted. There is some minor seam seperation in the back sides of the guitar near the tailpiece. These do not effect the tone whatsoever or the playability. Otherwise this guitar is really clean. You can tell it was a prized peice as the finish still gleams. Has some expected checking and minor finish marks. All origanl except Pick guard. Comes with original case in pics. Plays and sounds amazing. Frets have some wear but I had no issues hitting every note without buzz or issue. A pure joy of a guitar.

WEIGHS in at: 7.00 lbs on the dot.

.825” at the 1st Fret
1.035” at the 12th Fret

SKU: 3001

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