Stunning! 2020 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Reissue Les Paul 60th Anniversary Wildwood Spec Dutch Burst w/ V2 Neck + COA OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is excitedly offering up this 2020 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Reissue Les Paul 60th Anniversary Wildwood Spec with a Very Impressive Dutch Burst Finish! To celebrate the spirit of 1960 (the last year of the Les Paul’s original production run), Gibson has pulled out all the stops, decking the Wildwood Spec editions out with the beloved Wildwood Spec Custombuckers, sweet exclusive finishes, hand-selected tops, and aged plastics. Gibson’s original “Burst” Les Pauls are perhaps the most sought-after vintage guitars of all time. They are renowned for their beauty and snowflake-like uniqueness. After all, each one had a different level of flame in the maple top, and each finish received a different amount of UV light, which drastically changes the finish. So, no two are alike, and that’s the beauty of the burst! And there aren’t many originals to compare, because Gibson made less than 2,000 Les Pauls between 1958 and 1960. Near the tail end of that run, they started putting slimmer necks on them. These guitars had lightning-fast feel that appealed to lots of rock and blues guitar players in the ’60s. One of these players, a young British man named Eric Clapton, touched off the British blues revolution and the Les Paul renaissance by playing his ’60–nicknamed “Beano”–on John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers’ album of the same name.

All great vintage guitars started with great woods, so our resident Gibson expert visited the Custom Shop to hand-pick each and every top and fretboard. As a result, these luscious Lesters are sure to induce uncontrollable drooling every time they come out of the case. Of course, such high-quality woods also produce exceptional resonance and sustain. Hide glue was used to attach each piece of wood together. It’s a protein-based adhesive that promotes the greatest possible energy transfer between two pieces of wood. This results in maximum resonance and sustain, but it isn’t easy. Hide glue is incredibly difficult to work with, and it requires a master’s touch (as well as a tremendous amount of patience and elbow grease).

Wildwood Spec pickups in this beast—they have such incredible vintage vibe that you’d think you took a time machine back to London circa 1966 when you plug it in. They have all of the qualities coveted in old-school PAFs: warm, clear low-end, upper-midrange snarl, low-mid growl, and sweet, singing highs. The bridge pickup is as punchy, muscular, and articulate as an undefeated prizefighter with a master’s degree in communication. Flipping over to the neck pickup makes you feel like you dove into a vat of melted artisan milk chocolate. It’s warm, inviting, vocal, creamy, and righteously smooth.

To celebrate the 1960 Les Paul’s sixtieth birthday, Gibson pulled out all of the stops to create three historically-accurate versions of the model that document its evolution: the V1, the V2, and the V3. This axe is equipped with a V2 Neck—V2 is meant to evoke the classic ’60 Les Paul, and it has the same Authentic ’60 Slim C neck profile that made Eric Clapton fall in love with the Les Paul he nicknamed “Beano.” This 60th Anniversary Wildwood Spec Les Paul captures the magic of 1960 with exceptional accuracy (not to mention, you won’t have to take out another mortgage to get one)! This Gorgeous axe is in Excellent Shape with a fair sized worming mark on the top below the bridge, a couple super tiny dimples on the body, a couple super light marks on the back and a tiny mark on the back of the headstock, easy 9/10! ALL Original-NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs. Includes an Original Hard-Shell Case and COA!!

Weight: 8.75 lbs
.794″ at the 1st fret
.906” at the 2nd fret
Nut Width: 1 11/16”
Serial: 01049
SKU: 3795

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