Super Vintage! Martin 2 1/2 17 1878 Natural Brazilian Rosewood Adirondack Parlor With Video!~ 1800s



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Amazing little Parlor guitar from the 19th century. This guitar is a really neat piece of guitar building history. It actually plays great still with a nice action. The sound is just a joy. Really opened up for the age of the wood. Imagine the life this guitar has seen! Has lots of marks and wear to prove it. Still very nice shape all round for the age. Has a few cracks on the top that have been repaired as well a two on the back that look to be just surface cracks. The tuners look to be newer and stay in tune well. There are two holes from old tuners and hairline crack on sides of neck again do not look to go through the neck. Great guitar at a guitar price. We just compared this to the Santa Cruz Firefly we have in house and for a smaller body this guitar has such a warmer tone and more volume. Original case is no longer with it but we will pack it in a hardcase of some kind. There is a number on the underside of the top in pencil but we can not make it out.