The Real Deal! Vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior 1963 Cherry Red w/ original P90 pickup! & HSC


Lovies is proud to offer an all original and amazing 1963 Gibson Les Paul Junior in classic Cherry Red with an original P90 pickup that just screams tone. When we plugged this one in, everyone in the shop came over to see exactly what was making that record-ready tone. When your playing this guitar, the sound envelopes you with luscious and amazingly rich harmonics that will instantly remind you of that infamous classic rock tone that makes these instruments so iconic.

This guitar is in fantastic shape for its age at 63 years old. Has some worming on the back and minor dings/dents around the body. Neck feels amazing and is very comfortable to hold and play. Frets have normal wear but still have plenty of life. This is one of the most responsive and dynamic guitars I have ever played. Sounds like rock history! No breaks, cracks, or repairs. See detailed images!

Weighs in at 6.00lbs

.805″ at the 1st fret

.990″ at the 12th fret

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