MINTY! 2018 Fender Limited Edition Custom Shop WW10 Relic Ready ’62 Tele Custom Sonic Blue + COA OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is Excited to offer up this 2018 Fender Limited Edition Custom Shop WW10 Relic Ready ’62 Tele Custom with a Sonic Blue Finish! Over the years, Wildwood Guitars has sold thousands of relic’d Fender guitars. The incredible response received from Wildwood Tens is proof that most of the guitar-playing world loves instruments that marry modern convenience with vintage look, feel, and sound. Wildwood Guitars has also learned that there are plenty of pickers out there that like the distressed vintage look, but feel a little strange about playing a guitar that they didn’t relic themselves through everyday use. For these guitarists, each ding and scratch is a punctuation mark in the story of their instrument, and they want to be in charge of what happens in the tale of their axe.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. If you want to make an NOS finish look vintage through good ‘ol fashioned playwear, you usually have to play it for so long that it actually becomes vintage in the process. You could put your guitar in a trash bag of burned leaves and relic it yourself, but your house will smell horrible the moment you bring it inside. Frankly, few people have enough resources, energy, or training to make it look as good as the Fender Custom Shop’s builders can.

So, these players have been in a pickle until now. How do you make a new guitar look vintage without having to wait thirty years or resort to crazy schemes involving bags of burning leaves? Well, Wildwood Guitars is proud to introduce their answer: a new line of Wildwood Tens dubbed “relic-readies.”

These Custom Shop creations are just like the heavy-relic guitars that have been a shop staple for years—same wood, same electronics, same hardware, and same outstanding build quality—except they’re snatched away from Fender before they have a chance to actually do the relic job. The result is a guitar that accumulates wear-and-tear at an exponentially higher rate than normal. So, it’ll look like guitar that’s been gigged for thirty years after just a couple birthdays. Finally, YOU can be the one to make your guitar look vintage!

After playing and ogling the first batch of these guitars, Wildwood Guitars is confident that this line is easily one of the coolest collaborations in the history of their friendship with Fender’s Custom Shop! At Wildwood, they’ve been doing their best to tell their guitars’ stories as faithfully as they can for thirty-four years. What sort of interesting tales will you carve into these finishes? MINTY Shape with a couple tiny dimples on the top, easy 9.9/10! ALL Original. NO Breaks, Cracks or Repairs. All of our guitars are fitted with a fresh set of our favorite strings by Stringjoy! Includes an Original Hard-Shell Case and a Free Sample of Fret-Not, our favorite fretboard cleaner out there, check it out at!

WEIGHS in at: 7.40 lbs

1st Fret: .820”

12th Fret: .890”

Radius: 10”

Nut Width: 1 11/16”

Serial: R95162

SKU: 5274

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