VINTAGE! 1975 Fender Jazz Bass in a Sleek Black + OHSC

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VINTAGE! 1975 Fender Jazz Bass in a Sleek Black + OHSC

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Lovies Guitars is offering up this vintage, rock and jazz relic Fender Jazz Bass guitar in Black finish! This is an absolutely classic bass! This bass is 43 years old and has seen some wonderful days! It has a sweet checking pattern and some worn spots that add a sweet vibe! It has dings and such, like you would expect from such an old guitar but it plays amazing. It has a fantastic feel that you expect from Fender, and why they are one of the tops in the world. This beauty has a great looking finish with some nice vintage patina, which is a true time age, just like the guitar itself. The guitars sound has only improved with age and the sound it creates is only possible with its vintage age. This bass is no longer a tree, it has morphed into a fine instrument. Really rich and sweet with a true mellow vibe. True to all vintage, once you plug it in you are connected through time with the creative magic of vintage. It is a gem for its vintage vibe and the historical magic it obviously holds! There is magic in vintage like it is just waiting for the next musician to contribute to its legacy! No breaks or repairs. Most of the hardware has been replaced (bridge and tuners) but it comes with the originals. The bridge pickup remains original however the neck has been replaced with a Mighty Might has been installed in the neck position Includes original Case.

Weight: 11.15 lbs.

.864” at the 1st

.988” at the 12th

1.341″ Nut Width

Serial: 603773

SKU: 991

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