Vintage! 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary Metallic Silver ALL Original + OHSC



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Lovies Guitars is offering up a Vintage 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary in a Rare Metallic Silver Finish! The Fender Anniversary Stratocaster was released in 1979 to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. This was Fender’s first anniversary model, as well as Fender’s first limited run series. The anniversary strat has a mix of old and progressive features: It sports the return of the (much loved) ”four bolt” neck attachement, a neck heel trussrod adjustment and new Sperzel designed tuners. The first run of 500 guitars was finished in a newly designed pearl white poly-finish, that looked really flashy, but didn’t bond well to the ash bodies and started flaking off even before the guitars left the shops. Fender decided to respray the faulty guitars with ”porsche metallic” polyutherane, and use that finish on the later batch of guitars too. This metallic finish usually fades to a golden-green shade, as is slightly the case with this strat. It’s a really smooth player, with a brilliant, piercing timbre and excellent sustain. This sick Axe is in Excellent Shape, Especially considering its age, however, there are a few minor indents near the bridge, pickguard wear, and a few minor finish. marks on the back, easy 9/10! ALL Original- No Breaks, Cracks or Repairs! Includes Original Hard-Shell Case!!

WEIGHS in at: 10.25 lbs

.868” at the 1st fret

.932” at the 12th fret

Radius: 7.25″

Serial: 254052

SKU: 3455

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