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Lovies Guitars is excitedly offering up a Silvertone Model 1457 Sears Catalogue Guitar and Case/Amp Combo! Taking advantage of the explosion of guitar music, Sears commissioned various manufacturers to produce guitars and amps for its catalogue under the Silvertone brand – these included famous names such as Harmony and Kay, but in this instance we have a guitar made by Danelectro, and an amplifier built into a hard case, probably manufactured by Valco. Sears described this compact combo as “our finest all-in-one guitar outfit” and when new, budding guitarists would have found a 45rpm ‘how-to-play’ record, some beginner charts and a pick inside in the case. There would also have been a wedge-shaped tremolo footswitch covered in the same vinyl as the hardboard case. That aside, the condition of both this guitar and amplifier/case is borderline remarkable considering that they were manufactured between 1964 and 1966. The 1457 replaced the black-finished but otherwise identical 1449 that was produced during 1963 and 1964. Although described as a ‘Redburst’ the colour is more of a purple burst overlaid with silver glitter. Danelectro’s approach to glitter application was about as discerning as drunk in a kebab shop at 3am. Indeed, glitter is absolutely everywhere – from the exposed wood sides of the neck heel to the back of the neck and even the headstock. All the classic Dano features are present, including dual-concentric knobs, a rosewood bridge wedge that can slide and twist for intonation adjustments and six-in-a-box tuners that work backwards. Best of all there are not just one but two ‘lipstick’ pickups because this is, after all, the more upmarket package. This Historic instrument is in Excellent Shape, Especially for its age, however, there are some light finish marks on the back, easy 9.8/10! The amp/case combo is not functional. ALL Original-No Breaks, Cracks or Repairs! Includes Original Hard-Shell Case!!!!!!

WEIGHS in at: 6.05 lbs

.785″ at the 1st fret

.845” at the 12th fret

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SKU: 3350

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