Vintage! USA made Gretsch 7595 White Falcon Stereo White 1970’s + OHSC

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Lovies guitars is offering up a really cool and rare 1970s USA made Gretsch White Falcon. Such a neat piece! This is a beautiful sounding guitar. Seriously one of the most lucious and rich guitar tones I have ever heard. Appears the tailpiece was changed or moved a bit as there is an extra hole where it attaches. Also the pickguard looks like it was changed at some point, as there are screw marks at the attachment location. The label has overspray on it, not sure if the guitar had finish work, I also heard that these were sprayed at the factly without the F holes Covered and therefore, the label was sprayed from the factory. Seems unlikely becasue you can barely read the label. Guitar in pretty good shape othersise. Has some neck checking and finish blems here and there. Comes with original case in pics. Plays and sounds killer! Fres in great shape. 80%

WEIGHS in at: 8.20 lbs.

.802” at the 1st Fret

.892” at the 12th Fret

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