Wow! Electrical Guitar Company Custom Red Solid Aluminum Body Guitar w/ OHSC


Lovies has available a very unique guitar that is perfect for the guitarist that already has everything! This guitar was manufactured in Alabama by one of the top aluminum instrument manufacturers, Electrical Guitar Company. Their guitars are known for their unique and extreme tone and this guitar is no exception. This guitar is striking from the moment you see it! It has a very special feel and is extremely comfortable to play. Nothing holding you back on this guitar. Goes into tune quickly and stays in tune even during heavy play. It’s lightly played with almost no fret wear.

The electronics configuration is interesting and capable of a vast plethora of tones. I was able to go from a dark, mellow almost hollow-like to heavy lead sound with the flip of a switch. A killswitch is wired to the tap button on the pickguard, so its easy to add stuttering effects to your playing. It has two volume pots and a three way pickup selector switch. The tone selector is a 16 position switch that takes your tone from dark to rich to clean and everything in between. Very unique guitar sure to keep you finding new tones you’ve never heard before! No cracks, breaks, or repairs. See detailed images!

Weighs in at 9.75lbs

.695″ at the 1st fret

.755″ at the 12th fret

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