WOW! Kauer Banshee 2019 Pelham Green Stunner with P90s! Custom build + OGB

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Lovies guitars is offering up a gorgeous 2019 Kauer Guitars Banshee in stunning Pelham Green Custom finish! This has to be one of the sweetest finishes Doug has ever laid! Fantastic guitar all around. Plays perfectly and sounds incredibe. Best looking Kauer so far. Thier guitars are fantastic.  See tons of HD pics below!  

WEIGHS in at: 6.80 lbs

.787” at the 1st

.971” at the 12th

Serial # 315

SKU: 20587

All guitars are GUARANTEED to arrive in described condition for full refund will be issued. All guitars are fully insured and we will deal with it.


Lovies Guitars has CITES Master File and Certificates will be issued when and where needed. Also Declaration Friendly. 

From kauer:

Completely redesigned for 2015, the Banshee is our road improved version of that winged classic we all grew up listening to. Redesigned from the ground up, we focused years of attention, brainstorming and listening to our touring artists about how to improve the Banshee. By redesigning the shape, we could add mass and open up access at the same time that further improves the balance. We spaced the controls out to be more user friendly, and made roughly a dozen other changes that cumulate in the best Banshee ever.

Built from solid Spanish Mahogany to create an light, well balanced tone monster for those looking to make it through the Winter. With a scarfed head joint to improve strength, the full gambit of pickup options from the traditional Mini to P90’s and full sized Humbuckers to go from Johnny to Allen.

Want to go further? Considering getting it aged or pinstriped!

Standard Specs

  • Spanish Cedar back, three piece Spanish Cedar neck
  • 24.75″ scale Wenge fretboard with vintage pearloid Keystone or Dot inlays.
  • Pickup options include Wolfetone, Arcane and TV Jones
  • ALL Banshees as of 5/2015 will be shipping with Klusons redesigned Banjo Tuner

Kauer Banshee Artists:

14 Day Money back return policy. Buy with confidence.


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